2009 Canada Summer Games Economic Impact Assessment Released

May 14, 2010 (Ottawa) - The economic impact assessment of the 2009 Canada Summer Games was released today by the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA).  The event was held in Charlottetown and Summerside, Prince Edward Island, from August 15 – 29, 2009.

The combined capital, operations, and visitor expenditures directly associated with the Games totaled $38.7 million, resulting in an increase in net economic activity (GDP) of $37.7 million in the province. These expenditures supported $27.0 million in wages and salaries in the province through the support of 778 jobs. Capital investment in facilities as a result of hosting the Games was also significant, with the investment directly attributable to hosting the games totaling $10.9 million. The total economic activity (Industry Output) generated by the event was $81.5 million throughout Prince Edward Island. The Games received tremendous support from local residents through the efforts of more than 5,800 volunteers and the support of an estimated 11,000 spectators from the island. Moreover, more than 15,000 visitors came to the province to experience the Games, including 4,400 athletes, coaches and officials. 

Tax revenues supported by spending associated with the Canada Games totaled $14.0 million.  The event supported federal government tax revenues of $6.4 million, while an additional $6.1 million in taxes accrued to the Province of Prince Edward Island. Moreover, $1.5 million in taxes was supported in municipalities throughout the province.

“Our Government is proud to have contributed to the economic success of the 2009 Canada Games,” said the Honourable Gary Lunn, Minister of State (Sport). “This success could not have happened without the combined support of the local residents, volunteers, the Province, and the various municipalities of Prince Edward Island. As the report indicates, the benefits attributed to the 2009 Canada Games extended well beyond providing our athletes with outstanding competition—they generated a positive economic impact to various sectors of the Island’s economy. Hosting the 2009 Canada Games drew visitors to the province and generated enthusiasm and employment—and, in so doing, generated positive economic benefits.”

“When we set out to plan and stage the 2009 Games,” Joseph Spriet, President of the PEI 2009 Canada Games Host Society, adds, “we adopted an attitude to spread its impact across Prince Edward Island by engaging various Island communities. It is now very satisfying to learn that our efforts supported employment, infrastructure investments and economic activity in such great extent throughout the province.”

“Hosting the 2009 Canada Games enhanced our investment in sport infrastructure and provided an opportunity to showcase what Prince Edward Island has to offer,” said Hon. Carolyn Bertram, Prince Edward Island Minister of Health and Wellness, and Minister responsible for Sport. “The success of the 2009 Games has helped solidify Prince Edward Island’s reputation as an outstanding destination for hosting sporting events. This final assessment confirms that the quality of the Games extends beyond the event and into the community with a significant financial legacy that dramatically impacts the local, regional and provincial levels.”

The Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance conducted the analysis on behalf of Canadian Heritage (Sport Canada). To conduct the assessment, the CSTA used STEAM PRO (Sport Tourism Economic Assessment Model – Professional version), which measures the economic impact of a sport event on a community.

A total of 319 valid on-site surveys were conducted and collated at the competition venues, providing the survey results with a combined confidence interval of +/- 3.5%, 19 times out of 20.  The survey was conducted using the Techneos Entryware Pro System, which features the Entryware™ Designer software program for preparing the questionnaires as well as Entryware™ for Palm OS running on handheld PDA’s for data collection.

A full copy of the economic impact report is available here.