SIRC and CSTA Join Forces to Promote Canadian Sport Tourism

Ottawa, August 17, 2001 - The Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) and the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA) today announced a partnership to work collaboratively on the promotion of sport tourism in Canada. The CSTA and SIRC will aim to stay at the forefront of sport tourism, a $1.3 billion per year industry and one of the most rapidly developing sectors of the tourism industry in Canada.

SIRC is the world’s leading bibliographic sport database producer and houses the most comprehensive collection of educational sport information. The SPORTDiscus features over 600,000 qualified references including submissions from other sport databases such as The Olympic Museum, Atlantis, and Héracles and indexing partners such as Australia’s National Sport Information Centre and The American Athletic Foundation. SIRC recognizes the rising interest in and study of sport tourism. As such, current domestic and international information in the field of sport tourism is indexed along with other research and practical level information found in the SPORTDiscus.

The CSTA is a tourism industry-led organization that currently counts over 30 municipalities across Canada among its membership base. The CSTA’s mandate is to increase Canadian capacity and competitiveness in hosting national and international sport events. The CSTA recently launched its Events Database & Search Engine, a web-based intranet platform designed for matching national and international sport events with potential host communities across Canada. The relevant content from this Events Database will be incorporated into the SPORTDiscus. “SIRC is pleased to play a role in documenting the exciting advancements in the field of Sport Tourism”, said Debra Gassewitz, President of SIRC.

The CSTA’s responsibility to manage future industry growth will be joined with SIRC’s strength in providing access to international information on sport and sport tourism related fields. “This partnership allows us to improve our communications network between the sport and tourism sectors and provides Canada with a competitive advantage internationally,” stated Rick Traer, CSTA Chief Executive Officer.