fest pro


Event Economic Impact Assessments

Launched in 2019, CSTA’s fest pro model (Framework for Economic Statistics and Trends) accurately quantifies the economic impact of festivals, exhibitions, concerts and other special events in a Canadian community. Using real data in real time, combined with post-event data provided by event organizers, CSTA’s Economic Impact team analyses the economic impact of your festival, exhibition, concert or other special event.

The fest pro model is powered by the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance in partnership with the Canadian Tourism Research Institute at The Conference Board of Canada.  The model contains the latest input/output tables and multipliers from Statistics Canada making it the most up-to-date and reliable EIA model for events on the market today.

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For economic impact assessments on sport events, please check out fest pro’s sister model, steam pro2.0 which has been created to measure the economic impact of sport events in Canadian communities.